ECHNETT SYRUP (Burnett Homeopathy Pvt Ltd)

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. BURNETT ECHNETT SYRUP is a perfect combination that helps to
purify blood and remove the toxic elements from blood, causing various
diseases in the body. For nervous exhaustion, Loss of memory, Brain fag,
Fatigue, Lassitude, depression, nervousness, irritability, loss of or impaired
memory, confusion, sleeplessness, psychosomatic illness, weariness,
insomnia following mental conflicts, nervous headaches, lack of energy,
inability to concentrate.


Baptisia tinctoria Q, Echinacea angustifolia Q, Gun powder 6,
Sarsaparilla Q, Natrum sulphuricum 6, Calcarea sulphuricum 6,
Natrum phosphoricum 6, Azadirachta indica Q, Hemidesmus Q,
Berberis aquifolium Q.


ADULTS – One tablespoonful,
thrice a day.
CHILDREN – One tablespoonful,
thrice a day,
or as directed by the physician.
PRESENTATION – 100ml, 200ml
& 450ml

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