R-THROGEN SYRUP (200ml) (Rthrogen syrup)

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. BURNETT R-THROGEN SYRUP is a wonderful tonic for joint
complaints such as pain in multiple joints of body, with swelling,
redness, stiffness in body. A Greatly Efficacious remedy for various
painful musculoskeletal conditions, helps in reducing Pain, Stiffness and
mobilizing proper functioning of impaired joints.


Acidum formicum 3D, Colchicine 5D, Rhus toxicodendron 3D, Natrum
salicylicum 3D, Ledum palustre 3D, Dulcamara 3D, Lithium carbonica 5D,
Gelsemium sempervirens 3D, Ulmus fulva 5D.


ADULTS – 1 tablespoonful, thrice a day.CHILDREN – 1 teaspoonful, thrice a day,
or as directed by the physician.
PRESENTATION – 100ml, 200ml & 450ml

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