Bronchonett Drops 30ML

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Arsenicum album: 8X 10% VN
Belladonna: 30X 10% VN
Bryonia alba: 12X 10% VN
Hypophysis: 30X 10% VN
Kalium phosphoricum: 30X 10% VN
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Veratrum album: 30X 10% VN
Yerba santa: 12X 10% VN
Pur Water: q,s to make 100%VA
Alcohol Content: 82% VN


Useful of Bronchonett Drops

Bronchonett is very effective medicine in the treatment of coug sore throat, heavy voice due to cough formation, problem in coming out of mucous while sneezing and coughing, heavy breathing, and loss of saliva. It cures all the breathing problems and dis-functioning of lungs and all kinds of infections which is responsible for cough formation, dry cough, feeling uncomfortable while breathing, coughing while sneezing, asthma, bronchitis and it cures all the problems related with smell and loss of taste due to less saliva formation.


Dose Information:

20 Drops 3 times a day in quarter cup of water or as directed by doctor.

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