Rebud Hair Oil

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  • Benefits of Rebud Hair Oil
    Rejuvenates the hair follicles and promotes the healthy hair growth
    Helps in arresting the hair fall by strengthening the hair roots
    Nourishes the scalp to improves the shine, softness & color
    Promotes the growth of thick and healthy hair
    Adds shine and luster to the hair
    Suitable for all hair types
    Softens and detangles the hair.
  • Helps with
    Stimulates Hair Follicles
    Treats Dandruff & Scaly Scalp
    Prevents Hairfall
    Enables Hair Growth

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Jojoba Oil: Prevent hair breakage and strengthens hair. It could also help treat dandruff, dry scalp, and itchy scalp. Hibiscus Oil: It helps prevent premature greying, improves hair texture, and promotes hair and scalp health.

Buriti Oil: Rich in fatty acids as well as vitamins A and E, it has strong hydrating properties. This makes it an ideal, natural ingredient for moisturizing the skin and taming dry, frizzy hair.

Macadamia Oil: This oil contains palmitic acid & vitamin E which is known to nourish hair follicles by promoting the healthy production of sebum.

Chamomilla: It helps to boost collagen production, which helps in the growth of hair. Chamomile Oil nourishes your hair by keeping it moisturized.

Avocado Oil: Avocado is a great source of biotin, and adding this B-complex vitamin back into the diet may help hair to grow healthily.

Soybean Oil: Soybean oil to massage your scalp to ease blood circulation. These will, in turn, nourish the hair follicles cells; hence, promoting hair growth.

Sunflower Oil: Sunflower oil also contains oleic acid, which can stop hair breakage and may make it seem like hair is growing faster.

Rosehip Oil: It is primarily used for treating dandruff, itching and dryness on the scalp.

Along with the product it’s recommended to use Rebud Twin Pack Homeopathic Drops also.

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